Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP)

In line with the Club's objectives to support additional river activities, Twickenham Yacht Club is pleased to offer SUPs (Stand Up Paddleboarding) as another great way to get started on the river! 

Recently, Stand Up Paddleboarding has gained significant popularity on the Thames. It has proved to be great for social-distancing exercise and is a fantastic way to see the Thames from a different perspective,
compared to other water sports.


It is a terrific workout, particularly for the core and upper body.  TYC is lucky, as the Club’s location is equidistant between Richmond and Teddington, the most beautiful part of the Thames for Paddleboarding.
A popular trip for the Club's Paddleboarders is a circuit around Eel Pie Island, or indeed to Richmond or Teddington and back.

There will be seasonal Paddleboard events during the remainder of 2020 and into Spring 2021.

The Paddleboards are available for use by Club members when booked via Members WhatsApp.