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Updated: Apr 6

During March, our on-line activities continued with a couple of talks, wine tasting, a New Members’ evening and a few of the inevitable Zoom quizzes. Our last ‘Virtual Bar’ will open on 7 April.

Dinghy sailing restarted on Sunday, 4 April, with thirteen boats competing in the Glovers Island handicap race. The three classes sailed by the Club were represented by the top three finishers: in 1st Steve Williams N12 “Last Tango”, in 2nd Rob Brignell and Nicola Gaughan in his Enterprise “Willow” and 3rd David Wolsey in a Solo “Pelican”.

The next milestones are shown on the Website and include an outdoor Bar from Wednesday, 14 April, opening at 19:30pm. See each section of the Website for more details.

The link to our updated Covid-19 Exit Plan is below.

Bob Litherland


Click on the document link for a summary of our plans to emerge from Covid-19 restrictions.

2021 TYC Covid-19 Exit Plan 5 April
Download PDF • 140KB

Calendar of activities: on the Website Home -> Club Calendar

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