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Improvers Sailing at TYC

IMPROVER / TRAINING SESSIONS: These sessions are designed to encourage those with limited sailing experience to enhance their skills, build up experience and over time become highly proficient sailors. They offer a great morning or afternoon of fun and learning on our beautiful river, in our Quests, Enterprise, N12 and single handed Solo fleet. You can sign up for these sessions on the TYC website. If you have any questions or queries, please contact Pip.

View dates here.

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John Rok
John Rok
Aug 22, 2022

Your post provides information about What's Happening Now at Twickenham Yacht Club.TYC stands for Twickenham Yacht Club.TYC will take its yearly vacation to the coast in August to join our venerable sister club Keyhaven Yacht Club for their Regatta Week, which runs from August 13–19. The race always produces exciting racing with a big and competitive turnout and is an excellent opportunity to test the Twickenham boats in the rather less relaxed setting of the Solent. The Cutty Sark Race, which will take place later in August and include a distinctive trophy fashioned from wood from the actual ship, will be hosted as our own sailing calendar continues. If you are a student and need an assignment then I recommend…

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