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Twickenham Yacht Club offers a range of sailing opportunities including racing, social sailing and RYA training for both adults and children on the river. 



The Club has three main classes:

  • Enterprise

  • Solo

  • National 12's

However we also have optimists, Toppers, Lasers and RS Quests available for hire or for training purposes. We also have members who have Wayfarers and Merlin Rockets. More information here.

Boat storage: Dinghies can be parked in the Lower Dinghy Park, which features a slipway and the race hut, from which racing is normally managed.

The Club has two sailing racing seasons per year:

  1. Summer series: March until October. Wednesday evening sailing May - August.

  2. Winter series: October to December on Sunday mornings.


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Sailing News

The Club hosts annual Enterprise, Solo and N12 opens as well as a Summer Regatta.  Sailors are also invited to race at other local club regattas.  ​ Each Summer many of the sailors and other members migrate to our sister Yacht Club at Keyhaven on the south coast for what is known as Twickenham Regatta Week. For more information please contact us.

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