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TYC Club Trophies

As a sailing club, Twickenham Yacht Club has acquired many trophies over the years that are awarded to sailors at the Annual Ball and Prize Giving.  Several trophies are prizes for specific handicap races and regattas; there are also trophies for best results over the Summer Series of races.  While not quite the America’s Cup, these trophies reflect hard-fought battles on the river as TYC sailors compete for their name to be engraved as a winner!

Glovers Island


A spring Easter Sunday morning handicap race, first presented by Syd (Commodore 1982-84) and Sally Baker in 1979 and won by D. Croft.

Easter egg prizes are the order of the day for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places and cream eggs are presented to all involved.

From the Race Hut start line, the course takes sailors downstream to Glovers Island for rounding, which can catch out many experienced sailors as they pass through the narrow shallow waters. There’s usually only time for one lap with a finish back to the Marble Hill steps or Lower Dinghy Park.

Round the Bends, Greville Giddings Trophy


A mid-spring Sunday afternoon handicap race, first presented by M. Greville Giddings (Commodore 1940) in 1973 so that he could see the start of the race from his garden!  Won by D. Clarke (Commodore 1980 – 81).


As the name suggests, starting just up-stream of Eel Pie Island to a mark above Radnor Gardens, the course follows a bend in the river where sailors must consider how best to tack between the race markers.


Note: when laying the down-stream marker, keep well to the Middlesex side, as the Island channel entrance at low tide waters can be narrow for large vessels to pass.

Cutty Sark


A midsummer Sunday afternoon handicap race, first presented by D. Eustace in 1952 and won by the Commodore (1943 – 59) Murray Vines.


Originally a N18 class trophy, this was constructed from timber taken from the real Cutty Sark refurbishment!


An extract from ‘Sailing on a Maintained Level’: Cutty Sark Whisky Company sponsored the event with prizes of various bottles.  Miss Cutty Sark presented the prizes, sufficient to say the evening celebrations will live in the memory of those who were there. When this trophy was no longer competed, it became a Saturday afternoon special event but in 1972 the distillers advised they were unable to continue their support and the fleet eventually left Twickenham for Tamesis where greater competition was available.


The trophy continues at TYC as a handicap race since 1972 with a bottle of Cutty Sark at the bar for competitors to enjoy on their return!


A single race held using a typical course starting from the Lower Dinghy Park.

Long Distance, Jack Edmand’s Trophy


A mid summers Sunday afternoon handicap race, originally presented by Jack Edmunds in 1952 and won by N. Denman.  A Mirror class Sunday race trophy from 1983 to 1987, the trophy was re-allocated in 1991 to the Long Distance Race.

An extract from ‘Sailing on a Maintained Level’:  Jack Edmand’s services to the Club were invaluable. As Harbour Master, he organised the laying of moorings in the river, pontoons along York House wall for the dinghies and many structural modifications to the Boat House to adapt it for Club Headquarters. Nobody minded wading in the mud this side of Eel Pie Island to lay chain moorings under Edmands’ direction; his enthusiasm was infectious and as in other activities in life, people liked working with him because he knew what he was about. The Club recognised his services when he was elected a Life Member in 1958. His tenure as Commodore marked the end on an era and thereafter the Club came to be run more by Committee than by reliance on the Commodores themselves.


Starting at the Lower Dinghy Park, the race follows the river to Teddington lock, where the finish line will be placed, before continuing to the Anglers Pub gravel hard. Moor up and gain some well-deserved refreshments and banter before a casual return home.


Lifeboat Week


A mid-summer Monday-to-Friday evening racing series, originally presented in memory of Harold Smith 1965.  An entry fee applies which raises money for the RNLI.  


Lifeboat Week ran for many years by Ken and Lesley Williams (Commodore 1987 – 90). Ken was an expert in laying the markers, creating an ever more complex course with extra marks each day. His wife Lesley worked out the handicaps each day. The winner gets up to an extra 3-minute handicap each day with the last boat getting a up to a 3-minute advantage. By the end of the week, each boat could be starting at a different time due to accumulated handicap changes.


The same format is continued today, having an additional course marker added per evening, creating an ever-increasing course complexity.


In the evening after the last race, prize giving is held with food arranged for all.

Nephele Trophy


A late summer Sunday morning and afternoon handicap race, presented in memory of Dennis Hidden in 1970 and won by Roger Hidden (Commodore 1990 – 91).


An extract from ‘Sailing on a Maintained Level’:  Just before the war the Hidden brothers, Dennis and John, joined the Club and together they built the sailing boat Nephele, which later became part of Club history.


Originally a Saturday race until the 1980’s, then to improve attendance, moved to Sunday as a three-race event, two back-to-back and one after lunch. One race to discard.


Firkin Trophy


Springtime team racing between Twickenham YC and Minima YC.  This event has a long inter-club tradition, going back to 1938. The trophy is a highly-prized miniature half wooden barrel carved under a silver sail.


Held the Saturday afternoon prior to each Club’s Enterprise/Solo Sunday Open event, the weekend’s racing is alternated between each club every year. The Host club provides a firkin of beer for all competing sailors and volunteers, with an evening’s meal too.


3 Solos and 3 Enterprises are entered from each Club. With team racing, the total points for all 6 boats are counted with the lowest score to win.


MYC have maintained a donation from Fullers brewery, with a real firkin of London Pride enjoyed by winners and losers alike, in what must be one of the oldest and most excellent sports sponsorships.


The Firkin winner will be the team scoring the greatest number of race wins of three. If there’s a tie, the team scoring the lowest total number of points wins.

Annual Regatta Cup and Regatta Handicap – Uncle Watson’s Cup


Twickenham Yacht Club’s main sailing summer weekend event, three races to be held.


First race Saturday afternoon, second Sunday morning, third after lunch. One race to discard.  Prize giving held Sunday afternoon after the final race.  The Uncle Watson’s Cup was first present as part of the summer regatta in 1956.


A traditional regatta BBQ is held for all on the Saturday evening. The regatta is open to visitors, with Minima YC and Tamesis SC regularly attending and creating a more challenging race weekend.


Enterprise Class Open – Petersham Reach Cup


A Sunday event held early summer and combined with the Solo Class Open.  First presented by Les Kirby.


The event is alternated with Minima Yacht Club each year.  Three races are held:  Race 1 usually starts at 11:00 am, with briefing at 10:30 am. Races 2 and 3 then typically start from 2:00 pm. Best two of three to qualify. Prizes are presented after Race 3.

Solo Class Open – Silver Salver


A Sunday event held early summer and combined with the Enterprise Class Open.

The event is alternated with Minima Yacht Club each year.  It

is run to the same schedule as the Enterprise Open.

National12 Class Open – The Thames Challenge Trophy


An early autumn N12 open event - First presented and won by H.S. Brown in1936, sailing Nicki (N31).


The Thames Challenge Trophy has a unique record in that it has been sailed for every one of the years of the existence of the N12 Class, even throughout the war years, with the 1946 match at Ranelagh being won by Beecher Moore with Laughter. There was one year, 1960, when it was not presented but that was not through lack of competitors but lack of wind as no one finished a race! There are some notable names engraved on the cup such as Southcott, father and son, A.W.B. McDonald sailing Farandole in 1938, R. Sopford, Beecher Moore, D.G. Heath, Jack Holt, M. Goffe, Vines (Murray and Alan) D. Somerville, G. Keene, J.S. Smith and W.D. Citron in 1957 and 1959.

Enterprise Class Sunday Series – Shead Cup


Originally presented by A. E. Shead 1921 (Commodore 1905-1920, 22 and 24 – 1931). Trophy repurposed for the Enterprise Class.  The trophy is awarded to the overall winner of the Summer Sunday Series 1, 2 and 3.


Solo Class Sunday Series – Foreman Cup


First presented by A. C. Foreman 1932 (Commodore 1932-39).

The trophy is awarded to the overall winner of the Summer Sunday Series 1, 2 and 3.

Crew’s Prize Sunday Series – Silver Salver


First presented by John & Mary Donaldson in 1978.

Awarded to the most regular Summer Sunday Series crew with the best helm score.


Most Improved Helm – Eel Pie Salver


First presented by S. Pyne in 1971.

Awarded to the helm that has shown the most improvement over the summer Sunday series.

Wednesday Series - Featherstonehaugh Cup


First presented by A. Featherstonehaugh in 1931

Awarded to the winner of the Wednesday Summer Evening handicap races.


Winter Series Handicap Cup - Truscott Shield


First presented by C. Truscott in 1952.

Awarded to the winner of the Sunday morning Winter Series.




First presented by A. Sweetman in 1956.

Awarded to the winning N12 sailor of the Sunday morning Winter series.


Enterprise Winter Tankard


Awarded to the winning Enterprise sailor of the Sunday morning Winter series.

Compiled by Robert Brignell with contributions from Ian Herst.

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