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River Safety

A river safety guide for all river users at Twickenham Yacht Club.

  1. First and foremost, you are responsible for your own safety.

  2. Before going afloat, you must first assess the risk, considering the Weather, the River Flow (and the Environment Agency "traffic light" Boards), and the Tide.

  3. Always wear a Bouyancy Aid. ​

  4. Ensure that you are familiar with the river Rules of the Road. Specifically, whilst power vessels should give way to non-powered (canoes, paddle boards and sailing dinghies) commercial vessels have priority - keep out of their way.

  5. Ensure that you are appropriately dressed to take account of the weather and conditions.

  6. Information from various sources have been provided below to assist you in doing this, however, Twickenham Yacht Club is providing this information in good faith and is in no way in control of, or responsible for this information.


Tap on the legend to change to MPH or Knots. Scroll right to see forecast for coming days

Tide times Richmond Lock

Scroll to see tides for coming days

River Flow and Temperature at Kingston Bridge

In general red boards appear when the flow is over approximately 140m3/sec and yellow boards when the flow is over about 100m3/sec.


  • Navigate to starboard, the right hand side of the river, regardless of the direction you're travelling in. 

  • Powered vessels give way to unpowered vessels, this includes sailing dinghies. However, priority must always be given to commercial operators at all times (for us, this is mainly the ferry / passenger carrying pleasure cruisers) keep out of their way!

  • Remember that the tide is weaker closer to the river bank as it is shallower.

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