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Volunteer for Duties

Helpful information and links for sailors who are encouraged to volunteer regularly throughout the sailing season. 

To align with the clubs volunteer led ethos, all sailors are encouraged to volunteer for at least 4 sailing support duties per season. 
Roles include:


Race Officer
Race Officer Assistant
Support Boat
Support Boat Crew

Assistant and crew roles aim to develop your skills, so you can undertake the role of 'Race Officer' or 'Support Boat Helm' when ready.


Training for these roles are provided throughout the year at the club, it is advised to attend the training. Instructions available here.


Live view of dutyman duties and link to volunteer below. 
If you have any difficulties accessing dutyman; contact here.



Duty Man is an online system for managing duty rosters. It will show your allocated duties and allow a member to volunteer for other duties; request changes for a duty and see who is interested in swapping duties.

The software will send out reminders to people about their duties before the event.  It is important to remember that each member is responsible for finding a replacement if they can't make their duty.

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