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Courses and Price List 2021/22



Learn Before Lunch

Marine Radio Short Range Certificate (4 wks)

includes £60.00 fee payable to RYA

Day Skipper Theory (24 wks)

Yacht Master Theory (24wks)

First Aid (One Day)

Engine Maintenance Diesel & Petrol

CEVNI Test (European Inland Waterways)

for candidates with existing ICC

Improve your Sailing

Enhance your River Racing Skills

Powerboat (2 days)

Safety Boat (2 days)

Adult Dinghy Courses (2 days)

Level 1 / Level 2 per module

Under 16 Dinghy Courses (2 days)

Youth Stage 1/2/3 per module


No charge










£300.00 (Weekends £330.00)





Non-members who wish to apply will become temporary members for a period of three months; this will give you an opportunity to evaluate the 'Benefits of Membership'.

For dinghy courses you will need to complete an application form as these courses are customised to ensure similar abilities.

If you require further information please contact us at:


Terms and Conditions

All Terms and Conditions must be read and adhered to before booking and attending any courses, activity or event at Twickenham Yacht Club.

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