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Cruiser Events 2024

Get ready to set sail (well, figure of speech here) on unforgettable voyages and create memories that can be shared with your fellow club members via a Trip log and winning an award in the process. Here's a glimpse of what's in store. ⬇️

27 Apr: Saturday pub trip

Olde Swan Thames Ditton

4 May: Saturday pub trip

Red Lion Shepperton

25-27 May: Bank holiday trip

Central London/Grand Union Canal

15 Jun: Saturday pub trip (on Kings's Birthday)

The Weir

6-7 July: Weekend trip

Laleham (maybe a BBQ)

19-21 July: 3 days trip

Windsor/Bray Marina

23-26 Aug: Bank holiday trip

River Wey (Guilford/Godalming)

(Friday Off + The Weekend + Bank Holiday)

19 Oct: Saturday pub trip

London Apprentice

Let's do these cruises together! Don't miss out on the fun and mark the dates in your calendar, invite your friends, family and our Sailing & Paddleboarding members to join.


Got questions or ideas for future cruises? Feel free to reach out to Calin:

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