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Enhance your River Racing Skills 

This is a one day course aimed at improving your river racing skills. The river at Twickenham is unique in that it takes place on the maintained level.

The course will also include a guide to the racing rules and start procedures and will take place predominantly on the water.

The ratio of students to instructors will be 2:1.

Course duration will be over five hours with an agreed break for lunch snack. Hot drinks will be available during the course.

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Approximate  Duration: 5 hours    

Under 16’s (min age 8):  Under 16’s will need a parent or responsible adult standing by during the session– even better to take part! It is aimed at candidates who are new members or existing members who wish to gain experience and improve their skills. Previous RYA qualifications are not necessary.

Course Content: We help you to develop skills to improve performance on the river so you will be able to sail confidently in all directions, use the tide to your advantage and a better understanding of the racing rules when racing.  


Session 1: Starting Theory


  • Preparation, starting signals, rules applying to the start.


Tea Break


Session 2: On the Water


  • Practice starts, upwind and (some down wind)


Lunch Break


Session 3 Theory


  • Passing boats, tacking, mark rounding up wind and down wind, when can you call for water.


Session 4 On the Water


  • A number of very short triangular courses (probably just above Eel pie Island)


Session 5:

  • Theory:

  • Protesting procedure

  • Round up and discussion on points learned during the day.


If you require further information please contact us at:

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