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Volunteering and helping out is all part of being a Club member. Some enjoy it and help out regularly and it is a great way other members of the club and make new friends.

How to volunteer to help the Club

I'm not trained - what sort of duties can I do?

Fortunately many of the roles you can volunteer for do not require any qualifications, if they do - training is provided or assistant roles are available to learn whilst on the job. 

Examples of tasks include: 

  • Fixing the snooker table. 

  • Gardening - keeping the dinghy parks tidy.

  • Web Design - Improving our website.

  • Social Media - increase engagement on our social media. 

  • Building Maintenance - supporting with maintenance tasks e.g. changing a light bulb or offering expert knowledge to our house chair e.g. You may be a skilled manual labourer, architect, electrician, engineer etc. 

  • Boat Maintenance - supporting with maintaining our support boats. 

  • Social Event Support - help out with preparation, during and after social events

  • Set up/clean up Sunday sandwiches / donate a cake for Sunday afternoons.

  • Bar Support - volunteer to join the bar rota or help with stocking the bar.

  • Harbour - participating in mooring maintenance at working parties, generally ensuring the facilities to access boats are in good condition e.g. tender and oars. 

  • Event specific volunteering: volunteer at the open day, regatta, open meeting events.

If you would like to volunteer, in any of these roles, contact our club secretary who can direct you to the appropriate person to get you started. 

Racing season opportunities:

  • Race Officer: To manage and coordinate the race. Full instructions are available here and the crib sheet here.

  • Race Officer Assistant: To assist and learn from the race officer. 

  • Support Boat: To support the race, knowledge of using the support boat, man over board, towing and knots are required. 

  • Support Boat Crew: To provide assistance and follow instruction from the SB operator.

Have your diary/calendar ready to see which dates will suit you.

Now click on dutyman and scroll down through the list of dates. Click on the date and then on the left hand side click 'Volunteer for duty' for a task/day that suits you.

RYA Instructors

If you would like to train to become an RYA instructor for dinghy or powerboat instructing, we can facilitate this at the training principal's discretion. Contact the training principal here.


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