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An Interest in TYC Club History - OMEGA

In recent weeks TYC have received a number of queries about former club boats and also about classes of boat that have been connected with TYC.

One enquiry related to a class of boat called the International 12 (not National 12) which is approaching its centenary. New boats are still being built to this day to the original specifications and there is still a thriving regatta circuit for the class in a number of countries. There is a picture of an International 12 in the Club history section on the website.

The most recent enquiry, however, relates to a historic vessel called Omega which was owned by Archibald Forman who was Commodore from 1932 to 1939. “Skipper” Forman as he was known owned the boat for 23 years.

There is an old photograph over the fireplace at the Clubhouse which shows Omega suitably “dressed” for the river pageant that commemorated Twickenham Charter Day in 1926. In addition to being involved in the Dunkirk evacuation, Omega was a patrol boat at the Spithead Schneider Trophy races of 1929 and 1932 as well as requisitioned by the Admiralty for service on the East Coast and spending time as a barrage balloon vessel.

The magazine journalist who was enquiring was delighted with the amount of information that we were able to provide. One interesting fact was that at some point Omega’s propulsion was provided by a Gardner paraffin engine!

Do let TYC know if anyone else has some information about Omega or if you have stories to tell about other historic club boats.

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