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Minima Yacht Club Annual Regatta - 3-4 September, 2022

It's time for TYC sailors to head upstream for Minima Yacht Club's Annual Regatta, Saturday and Sunday 3-4 September. Class racing for Enterprise, Laser, Merlin, National 12, Solo, Thames ‘A’ Rater, Handicap Fleet. In addition, a New Sailors Handicap Race is open to sailors with up to 3 seasons race experience, with free entry. There will be 5 races, with 3 to count. Race times on Saturday from 14:00 (2 races), plus New Sailors Race. Sunday races from 11:00 (3 races, 2 before lunch, depending on conditions).

All welcome In the Clubhouse Saturday night, for Jazz band and Barbeque - £20. Enter boat and book BBQ at . Online entries appreciated asap, but by Thursday 1st September please. Please

Please look for updates on via the TYC WhatsApp groups.

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Maddy Joun
Maddy Joun
24 de ago. de 2022

Thanks for sharing this I will waiting for this because It's time for TYC sailors to move upstream in preparation for the Minima Yacht Club's Annual Regatta, which will take place on September 3 and 4. Today, when I was completing do my trigonometry homework, I came across your post, which piqued my intense curiosity. keep up the good job. I will share this post with my all friends.

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