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Minima Regatta - 31 August and 1 September, 2019

It’s time for Twickenham Yacht Club to head upriver for Minima’s Annual Regatta, Saturday 31 August and Sunday 1 September. Class racing for 3 or more in Enterprise, Laser, Merlin Rocket, National 12, Solo, Thames ‘A’ Rater, Handicap Fleet. Five races to be held with 3 of 5 to count, plus a New Sailors Handicap, open to helms from any club who learned to sail in 2018 or 2019.

· Saturday from 14:00 (2 races + New Sailors race)

· Sunday from 11:00 (3 races, 2 before lunch)

· One day entry: £10, both days: £15.

All TYC members (adults £20, children £10) are invited to the Barbeque and Live Jazz Saturday evening from 8pm. Book with noting diet requirements.

Let’s have a good turn-out for our fellow Thames yacht club!

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