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Sunny, Blustery, Family Sailing Day!

Family Sailing Day - Sun 9th Sept.

A blustery sunny afternoon down at TYC saw twelve children (ages 4-13) from seven families take to the water. Some of the younger ones enjoyed their time in the comparative safety of the beach, on a long-line. However, the more experienced (and those up for a bit of a challenge) sailed a sausage course between the beach and the club house, where the breeze was still gusty but fairly steady in direction.

Optimists (x4) and Toppers (x2) both provided some challenging sailing in the conditions; those that felt it wasn’t enough fun shook-out a reef or two and reaped the rewards. Pretty much everyone had an adventure, and most had an opportunity to demonstrate their capsize drills successfully. (There are still sails drying outside the clubhouse).

Good skills were shown by all hands, even the home sailors have not had much experience of these conditions this summer, and the new joiners adapted very well to the additional complexities of trees and passing river traffic.

Great entertainment was had by everyone including those on the balcony!

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