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Thamesis Annual Regatta 2019

Welcoming all classes and visitors, the annual Tamesis Club regatta, incorporating the A Rater Yates Cup and Braganza Bowl, promises challenging racing at a beautiful location on the Thames. Full catering and the bar will be available.

Saturday 14 September

Fleet First race Second race (Yates Cup)

A Rater 14.00 16.00

Sunday 15 September

Fleet First race Second race Third race Flag

A Rater 10.30 12.45 15.00 A

Merlin Rocket 11.15 13.30 15.00 O

Laser 11.20 13.35 15.05 No8

National 18 11.25 13.40 15.10 R

Topper 11.30 13.45 15.15 T

Handicap 11.35 13.50 15.20 U

Racing will be governed the Racing Rules of Sailing, the prescriptions of the RYA, the Tamesis Club Sailing Instructions and appropriate class rules. At least one race must be held to constitute a series, all races to count (except A Rater Braganza Bowl series where four from five results will count). A trophy will be awarded to the winner of each class.

Entry fees (Entries accepted up to 20 minutes before the start)

A Rater: £15 for a series of five races, £4 per race

Other fleets: £10 for a series of three races, £4 per race

Under 18s: £5 for a series of three races, £2 per race

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