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Twickenham Yacht Club EGM - 9 November, 2022

Led by Commodore Tom Hill, the General Committee of Twickenham Yacht Club has been investigating the benefits of the Club becoming a limited company. Following advice from the RYA, other neighbouring clubs, and having obtained tenders from lawyers practised in the process of incorporation on behalf of other clubs, the Committee has concluded that incorporation is in the best interests of the Club.

The Committee has called an Extraordinary General Meeting for 9 November, 8-10pm at the TYC Clubhouse, seeking an indicative vote to ascertain support from the membership before committing resources to the process of incorporation. If the EGM does vote in favour of incorporation, the new company will be formed over the winter and members will be asked to approve the transfer of assets to it, and its new articles of association, at the Annual General Meeting in February 2023.

An 11-page explanatory document from the Commodore, which reflects input from other Committee members, has been sent to all members and is obtainable from the Club Secretary. A notice and copy of the report is also available in the Upper Deck of the Clubhouse. Members are invited to send to the Hon Secretary ( ahead of the meeting any comments or queries to be discussed at the EGM, so that all members’ inputs may be collated and to ensure that all points are given due attention.

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